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Improved Ways Limited

Helping You Succeed in Business

We utilise the most suitable strategy for your organisation to achieve seamless business management system implementation, upgrade, and/or integration.

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What We Do

Our Services

1. Installation of ISO and other business management systems
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 50001:2018
2. Installation of EN9100:2018 (equivalent to AS9100D and JIS Q 9100:2016) aerospace quality management system

3. Installation of AQAP (series of standards developed by NATO as the quality management system for defence industry suppliers)

4. Installation of integrated business management systems

5. Closed loop management of internal audit systems of business management systems

6. Closed loop management of new or established supplier audit systems

7. Delivery of quality, environmental, health and safety and energy trainings

8. Performance improvement of internal business processes

9. Provide qualified interim quality, environmental, health and safety, and energy staff

10. Identify and analyse process problems and recommend solutions using structured problem solving

Our Precious Clients 

Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Limited, Instrumentation Products Division Europe


  • Upgrade management systems ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 of 3 manufacturing locations to 2015 standard and integrate them into a Division-wide system
  • Provide successful project management, guidance, coaching, and training to achieve single certification for the Division
  • Host third-party product inspections to support high-value capital projects
  • Ensure that all inquiries are dealt with efficiently and product release is achieved

Beran Instruments and Helitune Ltd.


  • Maintain well-established ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C management systems for headquarter location and formulate and implement a plan to transit to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D
  • Support the client to maintain noncertified environmental and occupational health and safety management systems
  • Support other group sales and manufacturing locations to maintain their local ISO 9001:2015 management systems and host successful customer visits
  • Upgrade client's OHSAS 18001:2007 uncertified occupational health and safety management system to ISO 45001:2018

Kelly Bros Ltd.


  • Maintain ISO 45001:2018 internal audit system and streamline occupational health and safety management system documentation
  • Support Kelly Bros Ltd. to achieve successful surveillance and recertification audit

Case Study

Case studies are always the best way to show if you know what you are talking about. They demonstrate the logic was used, the tools were selected and deployed, how thorough the investigation was, and, nevertheless, whether the client was happy with the outcome.

On this page, we at Improved Ways Limited share three case studies from our practices. We could have shared a lot more, however, we thought these three represent a wide variety of issues and tools and demonstrate our expertise in quality, environmental, and health and safety improvement projects.

If you are still not convinced, get in touch in Bideford, England so we can share case studies more related to you and your business.

Case Study #1 

Blue-Chip Precision Engineering Manufacturer in Devon, UK

Client Requirements

Approached by recommendation to a client who has multiple UK manufacturing locations which were individually certified against various different management system standards and would not work together.

It would have been beyond the available resources of the client and very inefficient to maintain oil and gas end-users required certificates this way. Also, with the need to upgrade a number of disparate systems to the latest ISO 9001 and 14001 standards by September 2018, the client urgently needed external assistance.


Initially, various auditing techniques and tools were used, including face-to-face interviews, desktop reviews, process reviews, etc., to investigate how the individual systems could work better together and at the same time how to upgrade them to comply with new ISO standards.

Hoshin methodology was used to connect proposed solutions to the client’s needs and then transformed into a major project plan containing key milestones with smart objectives. The objectives then were linked up with actions and responsible persons and deadlines.

Duplicated but dissimilar processes were identified between the multi-sites and management systems, such as internal auditing, management review, corrective and preventative actions, document and record control, etc. could be more easily standardised and shared, enabling a much more efficient operation with significantly fewer resources.

Also, a new tool was used to capture process requirements. The Turtle diagram was proposed as the way forward.

The Proposed Solution

The solution proposed to the customer was to create a division-wide Integrated Management System (IMS) with a single multi-site certification.

The advantages are that multiple ISO standards can be satisfied with one set of documentation, shared best practices and common language amongst manufacturing locations, significantly reduced certification costs due to single certification, multi-skilled divisional quality, and environmental teams could carry out shared processes, hence, significantly more efficient processes and reduced labour cost.

Verified financial savings have been calculated and shared. The new IMS has created clarity at a Divisional level and enabled standardization with the buy-in of all of the sites to the much-improved future of the business.

Client Statement

Divisional Quality and EHS Manager commented for the client (Source: Improved Ways Limited website):

“It has been my pleasure to have used the services of Improved Ways Limited for several months now. Balazs Bagi has shown his expertise, experience, patience, professionalism and talent to us time and time again; he has generated a full design and implementation plan for the upgrade of our systems to the 2015 ISO standards.

As well as this, he has designed a fully integrated system (ISO 9001 & 14001) and trained our personnel on the changes, expectations and requirements. This has saved us many man hours, helped reduce running costs and given us a great start in the new systems. If you need help with the upgrade/integration of your ISO systems and trainings, then I can wholeheartedly recommend him." 

Case Study #2 

Blue-Chip Precision Engineering Manufacturer in Devon, UK 

Client Requirements

Employed by a blue-chip precision engineering manufacturer as a Division Quality and EHS Manager at that time when the business was on a double-digit growth curve and needed to rely on a well-established supply chain. New suppliers were selected and approved, first article inspections were carried out, and samples were approved. It went like a textbook exercise till the first shipments arrived.

Then, it was apparent that newly recruited suppliers were not able to produce high-quality parts consistently.


In the investigation phase, the following approaches were made. The top 10 worst performing suppliers were identified based on rejection and supplied value data. They were called to a meeting where they were confronted about their bad performance and its impact on the business. They were then asked to participate in a newly developed programme called Approved Supplier Champion Programme.

The Proposed Solution

The programme was put to the suppliers was developed to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Suppliers were asked to nominate/employ a person, who then was trained by the business.

The training included basic quality classroom training, such as basic quality tools, YOSHI, product and process auditing, basic statistical process control, process FMEA, spending time in the manufacturing area the supplier supplied product to, measurement techniques, customer quality expectations.

The suppliers were trained and then asked to implement these techniques and systems at the base. They were then visited to provide support with their challenges. When they were ready with the implementation, they were audited and signed off as customer-approved supplier champions and became quality and product experts. They are often promoted into quality manager positions.

The programme was so successful that the business was able to increase the number of the dock to stock part numbers by 51%. The supplier rejection key performance indicator (SRPPM) was improved by 89%. The cost of the incoming inspection was reduced by 100%. On-time delivery was also improved as a result of supplier quality error eradication. The programme was adopted by sister divisions and other operating groups.

Client Statement

Group Lean and Quality Director commented for the client:

“Balazs has done a phenomenal job with the supplier champions and their management teams. Most of these suppliers benefited from the programme through attracting new customers and growing their base businesses.

I asked Balazs to develop a best practice presentation with live examples and that was shared later on with other operating groups in the Corporation. Many of them decided later on to adopt the program and enjoyed similar successes.”

Case Study #3

Blue-Chip Precision Engineering Manufacturer in Devon, UK 

Client Requirements

Employed by a blue-chip precision engineering manufacturer as a Division Quality and EHS Manager, one of the major tasks I had to do was to increase customer satisfaction and mitigate health and safety risks.

The task was to proactively reduce the quality and safety risks in the processes before they turned into issues and make them more robust rather than looking at customer complaints and incidents and accidents reactively. Take care of the process, and the process will take care of itself.


In the investigation phase, we created a vision to minimize quality and health and safety risks by 100% over a period of 8 months. The selected problem-solving technique was the A3 methodology. The methodology starts with having a sponsor and an owner and formulating a multifunctional team. When the project organisation was established, a good problem statement occurred.

A good problem statement means that the problem is 50% solved because everyone understands what needs to be done. In the grasping, the situation phase key process performance data was collected and analysed and turned into good understanding. Then various root cause analysis techniques were deployed, such as the Ishikawa diagram, 5 why analysis.

In the next phase, actions were recommended by the multifunctional teams. To get maximum impact in the shortest possible time low hanging fruit matrix was used to prioritize actions. In the action planning phase, action owners were identified and asked for their support.

The Proposed Solution

One of the major actions proposed for both quality and health and safety performance improvement is to develop a quality and further develop a health and safety near-miss reporting system.

Near-miss is a well-known definition in health and safety, however, in quality terms, this is pretty unique. The solution was to design a quality near-miss system and implement it.

On the health and safety side, the system was already in place. The challenge was how to re-energize it. We designed a communication campaign that included various types of communications from the weekly safety message through health and safety toolbox talks and recruitment of health and safety star point owners. The health and safety star point owners were recruited voluntarily for each natural working cell. Their task was to spread the message about near-miss reporting.

On the quality front, I had to oversee the implementation of a quality near-miss reporting system. That included recruiting quality star point owners to support the system. And the bedding in again voluntarily. After 6 months of operating the system, the client was able to reduce the number of external customer complaints by 41% and the number of internal customer complaints by 39%.

On the health and safety side, the number of near-misses was raised by 64%, resulting in a 0.5 recordable accident rate per average number of employees (rolling 12 months' measurement). That is considered world-class.

Client Statement

Instrumentation Sales Manager commented for the client (Source: LinkedIn):

“I wrote this recommendation for Balazs Bagi when he was working for Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Ltd as a Division QEHS Manager. At that time, I was a key account manager for the Corporation's Italian Sales Company and could rely on Balazs's excellent support with regards to customer quality complaints. He was always there for me when I needed him even if it was out of office hours.

His communication skills and professionalism helped a lot not only to turn sticky situations around but to emerge from them even stronger, which is a pretty unique skill set. My customers were also very happy with his performance. When I had to submit sales bids Balazs was again there for me to ensure that any quality related documentation was ready to send to the customer on time.

I strongly recommend him and wish him good luck with his new venture. I was sad to see him leaving however can understand his ambitions and I am sure that he will be very successful running his own company and satisfying customers as it is his second nature.

I was sad to see him leaving however can understand his ambitions and I am sure that he will be very successful running his own company and satisfying customers as it is his second nature.”

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